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Projects Portfolio

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Software Developer and Electrical Engineer

Matthew Staniszewski

Project Lead

I am originally from Wisconsin and moved to California in 2014. My family and I moved here for better education for our daughters, better opportunities and the really good weather. Volunteering and helping others are important to me. I continue to give back to the community as an active member in the Eastshore-PTA, volunteer for Girl Scouts and an active member for my church.

I have been in the engineering field with my associates in electrical engineering since 2006. Over the years engineering has fueled my desire to become a programmer . To build and program electronics has become my biggest passion as I build my software development skills.

The LearningFuze boot camp program has allow me to pursue my passion as a software developer. This was also one of the most challenging and satisfying accomplishments I have achieved. Every day was a new challenge and something new to learn. Not just in programming but in team building skills, communication and other tools to use to become an effective programmer. All the work and hours I have dedicated prepared me for a life in software development. For example, out of 16 projects submitted, mine was 1 of 4 that made the cut as one of the final team projects. As a team lead I managed projects with effective communication. For each team project, we would collect feedback and opinions from the team with constant communication on progress and changes as we designed and created the applications. This allowed us to build applications effectively in extremely short time frames.

With everything I have learned through LearningFuze I am excited to see what I will accomplish as I grow my programming skills.

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